Mikey Shean

I'm a New York based web developer with a background in PHP, Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Backbone.js, and HTML / CSS. I love owning and building features from the ground up and have experience building restful APIs, integrations with 3rd party APIs as well as single-page web apps.
Please take a look around or view my resume here .


Github Live
A single-page music web app inspired by SoundCloud built on Rails & Backbone.js
Escape from Krypton
Github Live
A Javascript browser game rendered with Canvas based on the addicting 'Flappy Bird'. Leaderboard updates via AJAX requests to a custom Rails API. See how far you can make it!
Github Live
A Javascript browser version of Snake that is sure to bring back a bit of nostalgia
Console version of Chess written in pure Ruby
An ORM inspired by the many conventions provided by ActiveRecord
Leaderboard API
Github Live 1 Live 2
Need a leaderboard for your browser game? This is a Rails app configured for CORS that can be deployed as your own API

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