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Krypton Launch!

Finally, I reached that point in any project where you ask yourself, "Is this thing ready for other people to actually get to see?" and you answer confidently and enthusiastically, "... I guess?". So, with that out of the way, I shared the game with a handful of friends yesterday which resulted in the site seeing 49 unique game sessions and nearly 2,800 games played!

Escape from Krypton

This JavaScript based browser game is a reboot of one of my final capstone projects that I built for demo day at App Academy back in 2015. As you can imagine, it holds some sentimental value for me, but it's been over seven years since this project has been live for all the world to enjoy.


Whew! What a wild past couple of weeks it has been. I've been working on a bunch of different things to launch this site you're on right now and the associated projects that have brought me all over the stack. There were victories and frustrations along the way, but also many new concepts learned and skills added to the toolbox.